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Project nearing completion.

2012-06-11 11:11:24 by CreepingInfected

Some info about it:
Deimos is being brought back from the dead.
Hopefully some ambiance will be added to it.
It will be based off a creepy pasta story.
It now features preloader!
Static Effects!

[bold text means that it should be featured in certain future projects.]
[emphasis text means it should be permanent]

Time Elapsed: 5 Days

Also here is a screeny. 1 of it is top secret. >:C

Project nearing completion.

Hurtful day at work

2012-06-07 15:51:53 by CreepingInfected

I was carrying stuff when all of a sudden, a little crate of sandpaper fell over when I was climbing up the ladder and it nearly cut my eye (Just under it) and it hurts like hell. Got paid more.

Fucking worth it.


2012-06-06 16:23:07 by CreepingInfected

What a nice day today


2012-06-06 15:11:55 by CreepingInfected

Anybody know how to make a camera for flash? (Zoom in, out of certain places, adjust quality, etc) Because, well, I'm a noob. Thanks and bye!

Also, don't forget to check out the first animation I did on madness combat.